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A big surprise of this decade is the e-Sports phenomenon. In the past gamers were ridiculed. Today they are earning more that sports people and gamers championships have better ratings than old sports. So here are some latest e-sports news. Topic of the day: Latest esports news.

Due to the normalization of gaming and the internet (along with technological advances) the real surge of esports came in the noughties. It was then that we began seeing what we now know to be modern-day esports. As streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube took off, people began to show interest in not only playing videogames but watching them too. Popular tournaments now sell out stadiums and professional players (like Ninja) can earn millions between prize money, advertising and salaries. Read extra info at eSports Tournaments.

Per the school, “because esports is a varsity program, student-athletes will be required to maintain appropriate training boundaries and a minimum GPA for eligibility to compete. The expectations of esports student-athletes are the same as those for student-athletes in other varsity programs.” While the majority of esports events will be online and without travel expense, there will be some opportunities for the Michigan Tech esports program to travel to competitions and tournaments. The esports schedule will begin at the start of the academic year and student-athletes will compete through fall and spring with appropriate breaks.

In addition to the new esports program, Barry University offers a degree program in Computer Information Systems (CIS) with a Digital Media Concentration that the school thinks will interest esports student-athletes seeking a career in the field. The program prepares students for positions in the gaming industry through courses in Video Game Design, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Web Animation, and Computer Programming. Barry University is currently recruiting gamers for the Buccaneer esports team.

The fans may have been siding with the underdog, but it mattered little to G2 as they rattled off two quick victories to take the semifinal 2-0 and move into the final against Team Empire, the team that had won Group B and then beaten Team Liquid and PET Nora-Rengo to reach this stage of the competition. If G2 Esports started the final with a partisan crowd against them, by the end of it they had won the crowd over thanks to their brilliant display as they dismantled a good Team Empire in stunning fashion. The match hinged on a fabulous first game, which G2 snatched 12-10 in overtime and Empire never recovered from that as G2 pushed home that advantage in clinical fashion, winning the final two maps 7-4 and then 7-1 to land another astonishing and accomplished victory. Visit:

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