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Mini Militia Mega Mod APK

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This a free(in-app-purchase) multiplayer shooting game which is available both on android and ios. This game can be played on a local network (wifi) with your friends and online with other people.

This is a fun filled shooter game ,filled with these doodle avatars you can play . The controls in the game are prety easy to use it take a minute to adjust.

This game consists of training , survival mode multiplayer and local mode.It consists of many modern guns ,grenades ,rocket boots for the players movements and many intersting maps.

There is a little trouble playing multiplayer on the internet, while playing in a local network this is the lot of fun.This game can be played with teams. The game is minimal in graphics and will run smooth on any smartphone released in the last 4 years.

Mini Militia. Recently, several Mini Militia Newbie’s dropped us questions about Mini Militia tips and tricks. If you are one of them and wondering – Why am I failing to get high score and rank? you must read this post.

Once you go through these tricks and go out to play a Mini Militia match, your gameplay might increase up to 80%. Thus, these tricks will also help you rank up fast.

Mastering Mini Militia takes time. But for a Newbie, it becomes a pain in the a**. Neither he/she knows about those small tricks in the game that sets apart a winner from a loser. Also, there are players with modded apks that make it extremely difficult to play and win.

These Mini Militia tricks are for both Android and iOS. Most importantly these tips and tricks are best for those of you who hate Mini Militia hacks and want to win matches without cheating.

Make sure to reload your weapons before they blow out anytime. Keeping them loaded can let you engage more in the battle field and rank your way up.

Even upon using shields, if you have been hurt by bullets or bombs, you need to immediately find a place to hide out, other than fighting with the opponent. This type of escaping from the scene and hiding from the opponent’s eye sight helps you to regain your health as much as possible.

Every other weapon in mini militia has its own range, and one needs to explore a lot with them to find the best weapon suitable for their gameplay.

Make sure to choose the map that you are most familiar with. This kind of choosing can help you find places to hide, whenever you are having a bad health level.

The following are some of the working tips that you can follow up to rank high in the battle field.

You must never be facing pro players in the battle field and with opponents who have higher score than you at first place. Avoiding such gameplay can help in gaining a good score by playing with opponents who are way equal to your rank level.

Always remember to make good use of two double guns during the gameplay. This type of using double guns can eventually rank you up.

Replace the weapons as soon as possible if the ammo get low without spare ammo to reload.

Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack. The power of limitless health is what makes you the God of the game.

No matter what gun, grenade or even a bazooka your rivalry uses, you won’t die. You can stand and face each bullet fired upon you like some superhuman.

Mini Militia is frequently updated by its developers(Appsomniacs) to include all the latest and greatest features. Because of the regular updating Mini Militia has always topped the charts on most downloaded apps on Play Store.

Recently the developers included Capture the Flag mode in the game which is much appreciated in the player’s community.

Rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon, if you know to aim and shoot.

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