Play games and earn real prizes

Best game rewards websites? Let’s discuss the best websites to play games and earn rewards, finishing with our winner pick of 2020 : Bananatic! On this website, numerous daily tournaments take place. Most of the games played are flash games, and players fight against each other, and the winners are unveiled at the end of […]

Free online games Myanmar

Looking to play Myanmar specific online games? Here are several options! You can play too many video games Myanmar on this JDBYG game portal. Too many categories of online video games in Myanmar are located in this game portal. This game portal is safe and can enjoy for online players. 5 Dragons Fishing, Cai Sheen […]

eSports teams by 2019 tournament earnings

Let’s talk about : eSports players by 2019 earnings and more esports videos. eSports are a huge money industry this days and you will stunned by the amounts esports players make. Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen started his career as a Dota 2 pro in August 2017 when he played for SFTe-sports and later left for […]

Play Mahjong kyodai online

Mahjong is a ancient table game that was invented in China. As with any good product it was imported by many cultures around the world. MahJong was taken to America by Joseph P. Babcock who began importing sets in bulk to the USA in 1922. In order to make it a commercial success, Babcock heavily […]

Best anime games for streamers

Not on Twitch … but Youtube or Bluestacks.  But things changed in the past years and Twicth and anime is ok now. Twitch and Crunchyroll have partnered up to stream 15 anime series for people to see with their eyes and chat about incessantly in the sidebar. The so-called “Crunchyroll Marathon” kicks off on July […]

Mafia 3 goes to latest PS Now update

Sony Interactive Entertainment America has announced that a new Collections feature has joined the ranks of its PlayStation Now lineup, a handy option that bundles together titles based on platform, genre, and themes. In addition to Collections, the format holder also revealed that it has added 11 new games to PS Now, including Mafia III […]