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Nin Online : maybe the top Naruto MMORPG in 2020?

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Nin Online : maybe most awesome Naruto MMORPG today? Nin Online is a Ninja MMORPG featuring a large explorable world. Become a ninja and choose your village, participate in events and rank up as a ninja or simply enjoy the combat, the landscapes, or the community! You are yourself as a ninja in the ninja world – customize your character the way you want and learn the jutsu you like. Nin Online is a role-playing focused 2D Online RPG where you play as yourself in the ninja world. Choose from different villages or become a missing ninja in our ever expanding world. What will be your ninja way?

This is the Inventory Menu from Nin Online, it was specifically designed by the game’s developers to help you better understand and navigate through your items without fear of losing them. There are two things that you must know about your inventory, and that is; There are 40 inventory slots, you can expand it by buying special items at the cash shop. The Ryo Icon on the bottom also functions as a ‘Drop Ryo’ command. The Inventory Menu does not really hold a very large amount of use outside of housing the majority of your items and Ryo, this may change in the future but for now, it is a very basic functioning inventory.

The recent balance changes was to make way for new jutsu based on hybrid stats builds. This is the start of level 50+ content, jutsu styles like Medical + Taijutsu giving Tsunade/Sakura aka. Inner Strength style. Inner Strength style will be scaled based on Agility and Chakra stat. We will release these combinations one by one starting with Inner Strength, then Taijutsu and Sword + Elemental Masteries, eg. Water + Sword to get Suigetsu/Zabuza style jutsu. Lightning + Taijutsu will give you Raikage style jutsu. Elemental Kekkai Genkai will take a backseat for now (eg. Wood Release). Read more info on Naruto MMORPG.

Squad Member- The regular members in any squad, they are required to attend hunts and follow orders from the higher-ups. Squad Captain- Each squad has a captain, that captain is required to host the hunts and train his squad members depending on what the certain squad specializes in. SiC (Second in Command)- That person organizes the squads and takes on the role of the Leader when he is unavailable, he also acts as a separate squad captain. Leader- The leader of the organization, he answers only to the Kage. He recruits members and picks squad captains with the help of the SiC. He is the most skilful leader in the village after the Kage.

Statistics/Stats are the core foundation for any form of multiplayer video game, they allow for their to be difference and deviation from other players which would otherwise be impossible. Every player on Nin Online will be unique in the fact that they will have a unique user who will uniquely invest points into one of the 5 basic stats, Strength, Agility, Intellect, Chakra and Fortitude. A player will start off with 5 skill level in each stat, 100 base Health and 50 base Chakra. With the addition of the bonus the Fortitude and Chakra stats provide. Stats can be raised every time a character levels up, they will receive 5 Stat points to spend on any skill. Find even more details at here.

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