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Mobstar is a browser-based text game that includes mafia setting and gangster life. In the crime section you can find petty crimes, smuggling, car stealing and organized crime. While attempting illegal crimes try not to end up in jail. Purchase yourself a vehicle, visit stock market, take a look at your inventory and buy bullets from bullet factory. You can complete various missions, kill opponents, join a crew, hire a detective, gamble and increase your stats. Interested? Visit Mobstar website!

Mafia Vengeance is a combination of mafia and fighting browser game. Gather your friends and create a gang or attack others by yourself. Increase your stats and reach the leader of the day to get points. Play in casinos, travel to other big cities, increase your defense, speed and strength. Better stats give you better crime success rate. Steal from an old woman, steal vehicles or shoplift a food store.

TheMobWorld is a free browser based MMOG game. In this online mafia game you start your criminal life in the streets. Your goal is to become the number one gangster in this game. You can crack vault codes, wonder in the streets and the best players can a bonus every hour and every week. More active players gain more benefits. This game supports many different languages and it’s rather unknown game. There are many errors and bugs but overall this game looks quite promising.

Our pick Mafia browser game: Mafia MoFo Reloaded : Don’t play the game, become part of the game. At least that’s the goal of the best RPGs, right? Role-playing games are becoming more complicated with every passing year, but they’re not becoming any more immersive. For that, you need a customized, ever-changing RPG with a massive community of people that are working towards different goals. It helps if it is free and playable through your browser. In other words, it helps if this is RPG simulates the real world in that everyone has access no matter what. Mafia MoFo Reloaded is just that game. Always free and playable through your browser, Mafia MoFo asks you to answer one question: Who do you want to be? As the name implies, you could choose the dark path of organized crime, or maybe something else? Again, who do you want to be? In Mafia MoFo Reloaded, you may never answer that question but you will find out who you are. The only real question is: Will you like the answer you discover? That’s because Mafia MoFo Reloaded unleashes the Tony Soprano that lurks deep down in each of us. There are the kingpins and the pawns and the go-betweens. There are the civilians, the law, and those skirting the lines between right and wrong. Nothing is ever clear cut and the rules are always changing. In Mafia MoFo Reloaded, you hit the streets with a dream but the streets end up shaping your reality. Do you want to sit atop a criminal empire or do you want to bring it down? See additional info at Mafia Online Browser RPG – Mafia MoFo Reloaded.

TimeForMoney is a free mafia-based browser game where you can show strength, earn respect, rise in rank and become the most powerful mobster. A lot relies on strength, because your rank in the memberlist depends on your strength. You can gain strength by purchasing items, working out in the gym or the boxing club. You can commit crimes, steal cars, take part in organized crimes, accomplish missions, join a criminal family and gamble in casino. Attack other players to earn cash and make your opponent lose health, or even kill them. You can also explore other countries as different countries possess special characteristics.

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