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Fortnite reaches 8.3 million concurrent players

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“Fortnite shows no signs of slowing” continues to be a tried, if tired, and true introduction to news pieces on the game, and today is no exception. Epic Games has revealed that the game has reached 8.3 million concurrent worldwide users in conjunction with its release in South Korea this past week.

This information was provided by a spokesperson in an interview with South Korean publication Inven, and then was verified by VG247. The last such number communicated by Epic was 3.4 million concurrent players in February.

In September, the game reached a record 78.3 million unique players for the entire month.

In a Twitter post from Steam analytics site Steam Spy, it was noted that in comparison, Steam sees around 5 million peak players across all its games at once, and 16 million peak users with the client running.


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